2015 NC Philanthropy Conference
Koury Convention Center, Greensboro, August 20 - Pre-Conference August 18-19

We hope that you will join us for our 11th Annual NC Philanthropy Conference.

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The 2015 NC Philanthropy Conference is the 11th annual conference co-hosted by the Triad, Triangle and Charlotte chapters of the Association of Fundraising professionals. Each year we attract between 400 and 500 fundraising professionals from nonprofits across the state of North Carolina and surrounding states. Our sessions are CFRE approved and yearly we bring 30+ industry leaders (consultants, practitioners and philanthropists) selected to present dynamic, interactive breakout sessions.

The conference attracts fundraising professionals, executive directors and other staff of nonprofits from small grass roots to large universities and foundations serving the people of North Carolina.

This year’s conference is all about our nonprofit fundraisers- the staff who wear multiple hats, have more and more responsibilities and are charged to do much more with much less. Nonprofit institutions have to do more with less as they build effective boards, increase engagement with existing donors and volunteers, and utilize technology and metrics to carry out their mission. The fundamentals of fundraising are still the same – but our fundraisers are eager to learn fresh, new perspectives for success. In order to increase job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover, they want to learn strategies to help prioritize their time and their workload, reduce and manage stress, and learn effective communication techniques.

Our marketing communications emails are sent to nearly 7,000 people across the state and surrounding areas. It is also advertised on Triad, Triangle and Charlotte chapter websites, newsletters and at monthly meetings. The conference is also posted at the International AFP site www.afpnet.org. Besides regular communications, the three chapters have a combined membership base of nearly 700 regular AFP Members. We also communicate with and through the NCSU Institute for Nonprofits, NC Planned Giving Council, NC Center for Nonprofits and NC Community Foundations.

The 2012 Greensboro Conference attracted over 430 attendees from 225 nonprofit and for profit organizations and last year’s conference in Raleigh attracted over 440 attendees, representing over 250 organizations. Our conference is well respected, evaluated highly and continues to grow. Volunteers from the boards and membership of the three chapters give their time and expertise to ensuring a quality education experience for all.

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Breakout Sessions
00:00 What would YOU do? Boards, Ethics, Fundraising, and You

Case studies focused on awkward, ethically challenging situations will be the fodder for small group discussions. Workshop builds on adult learning principle of using experience to allow the attendees to provide the real depth of the content. My role is facilitator or “guide on the side”, not “sage on the stage” with the goal to increase attendee interaction and model a format that truly involves the attendees.

Presented by: Jeanne Allen, CGT
BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer (CGT)

00:00 Keeping All of Your Fundraising Balls in the Air: Integrating Traditional and Innovative Fundraising Methods for Success

Session participants will learn how to integrate traditional fundraising such as in person solicitations, direct mail and events with new and innovative ways to solicit donors such as crowd-sourcing and pop up events. If you represent a large shop or a one person shop, learn how to get the most bang for your time by integrating old and new solicitation methods while keeping all of the fundraising balls in the air. Attendees will create an integrative plan as a session takeaway.

Presented by:  April Anthony
Senior Consultant, Armstrong McGuire

00:00 Succeeding in the Midst of Change: The Impact of Leadership Transitions on Your Development Program

Attendees will learn strategies for sustaining healthy relationships with donors through the inevitable turnover that occurs in nonprofit executive, professional and board leadership. Group discussion and sharing of real-life stories of how organizations have turned difficult transitions into opportunities for deeper donor engagement. The session will include the story of the Children’s Home Society of NC’s unexpected death of their long time President in the middle of its planning for a major capital campaign. The current President of CHS will talk about the impact of this loss and what the agency did to maintain donor confidence and engagement. There will be a small number of slides highlighting key strategies but the session will be interactive and focus on addressing questions and situations shared by the audience.

Presented by:  Bert Armstrong CFRE
Principal, Armstrong McGuire & Associates

00:00 Developing a Funding Strategy

Creation of a diverse, renewable funding stream. Awareness of funding options, understanding of applicability of options to organizational needs. Preliminary identification of appropriate funding options for organizations.

Presented by:  Doug Borwick
CEO, Outfitters4.COM

00:00 Building Campaigns and Building Sustainability – at the Same Time

This session will present a “toolkit” participants will unpack and take home to put to use in practical ways that help organizations get a handle on planning campaigns of any type while simultaneously building long-term sustainable fund development programs. Participants will learn about key components, such as:

  • Essential elements in crafting the Case for Support (using the example of the Greensboro Science Center, participants will develop tools for their own cases)
  • Proven methods for the complete process of identifying and enlisting top leadership
  • How to find, cultivate, approach and steward donors – learn the “near – dear – clear” process (including interesting examples and group discussion to share best practices and address participants’ questions)

Dig into the full meaning of capacity-building – from internal infrastructural logistics and processes to trends in social media use and board/volunteer engagement.

Presented by:  Alan Burrows
President, Capital Development Services

00:00 What I wish I had learned sooner: Ten Tips to Rocket Your Fundraising Career and STILL have a life

Professionals just entering the fundraising/nonprofit field either from college or another career are often faced with the challenges of both learning the field and learning what positions most fit with their interests, skills and passions. Taking lessons learned from a 20+ year fundraising career (just starting right out of college), we’ll talk through some of the best practices and advice from personal experiences as well as those from my mentors along the way.

Presented by:  Christine Casey
Director of Major Gifts Make A Wish NC

00:00 Cashing in on Video

Video is the next storytelling revolution. Creating a compelling, concise video for your nonprofit is tough! With the explosion of video technology, you can shoot, edit and share an effective fundraising video on your smartphone. In the past 5 years, video has increasingly become essential to the fundraiser’s toolbox. Get expert advice from a nonprofit video director that has created simple shorts to longer 15-minute story showpieces. In this session, the building blocks of an effective fundraising video, insight on what video triggers people to give and tips on how to do it all on your smart phone or computer.

Presented by:  Brian Crawford
Creative Director, BC/DC Ideas

00:00 Make Your Content WERK! – Content Marketing for Nonprofits

“Content Marketing” is hot in for-profit marketing and advertising, but how can you adapt those best practices to your nonprofit?   Learn how to create a comprehensive boom of sound to reach your target audiences. At its core, this is all about increasing online engagement. The “Surround Sound Approach” is a multimedia approach to communications that reaches your audience on multiple marketing channels with a unified message. This coordinated approach is not only effective but also efficient as you can use one tactic over multiple platforms.

In this session, you’ll see success stories and get the tools to use this approach for your nonprofit. We’ll break it down so you can get the most use out of the content you are already creating!

Presented by:  Dawn Crawford
Owner, BC/DC Ideas

00:00 You Are Who Leads You

Effective board placements, board member requests and board member engagement. How to build a better board. Create a board of worker bees, not Queen bees. Attendees of “You Are Who Leads You” will learn how to start from the top, build a better board and manage operations and relationships along the way. Once a board is effectively managed, fundraising is simplified and results will follow.

Presented by:  Terri DeBoo
Business Growth Advisor, Terri DeBoo Ideas@Work

00:00 Networking for Desired Results

Who should attend: Anyone looking to expand their relationship base and learn how to cultivate rather than exchange cards, and those looking to learn how to not only live through networking events, but actually have fun.     “Networking for Desired Results” addresses the who, what, where, why and how of Networking training…This course will begin with what is networking, and end with you feeling like a master at how to be a better networker and why you need to network?

Presented by:  Terri DeBoo
Business Growth Advisor, Terri DeBoo Ideas@Work

00:00 Acknowledging and Creatively Thanking Your Donors

Attendees will learn how two successful organizations in Western North Carolina have partnered to stand out from the crowd and build stronger relationships with their key donors. They will also have the opportunity for feedback on their own recognition efforts.

Presented by:  Allison Jordan and Amanda Edwards
American Red Cross Asheville

00:00 Running the Spread Offense: Building a Fast Paced, High Scoring Development Team

This session will teach the fundamentals of building a Development Team from the ground up OR re-building an existing Development Department with the right people doing the right jobs. By assessing your organization’s needs and key constituencies, Running the Spread Offense approach to Fundraising will give you the ability to move down the field fast and score the largest major gifts. You will learn how to identify your quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, offensive line, head coach, cheerleaders and fan base and make all players effective in their roles. The Spread Offense enhances Moves Management ideas and makes them easy to understand in a real world fundraising setting. Running the Spread Offense is fun, engaging, fast paced, and successful!

Presented by:  Louis Fawcett, MA, MDIV
VP Development, EdVenture AFP Central SC Chapter BOARD (Treasurer)

00:00 Creating an Effective Board: Tailoring the Board Development Plan

Attendees will learn:

  • The six dimensions of board competency
  • The benefits of board self-assessment and how to apply the results
  • How to tailor a board development plan that will result in a more engaged and effective board

Presented by:  Kathryn Gamble
Senior Consultant, Gamble Square

00:00 How changing the conversation more than doubled corporate giving for one arts organization

Participants will leave with a new perspective on corporate giving and tips on how changing the conversation can significantly increase income.

Presented by:  Michelle Hamilton, CFRE
VP Development, Charlotte Symphony

00:00 You Think You Have Balls to Juggle…Check Out What Your Donors Are Dealing With!

Stock markets at all-time highs, Estate Tax problems “permanently” fixed, everyone has health insurance, kids off to college, so what possibly could be concerning your donors? Well things aren’t always as they seem and we’ll look at some of the major concerns facing your donors and more importantly, how to offer assistance in a practical way that will allow you to build a stronger relationship with them.

Presented by:  Erich Hamm, CTFA, AAMS
Past President of the NC Planned Giving Council

00:00 Reclaiming “Millennial”: Understanding and Engaging the Largest Generation

At nearly 80 million strong, millennials make up the largest generation thus far, and they are the target of a lot of discussion, debate, and criticism currently. But what does this generation really want, how do they really think, and where are they really headed? Understanding, influencing, and supporting this group will be crucial to the nonprofit world and the fundraising landscape. Bringing our unique perspectives of actually BEING millennials in fundraising roles, we will focus on how and why the millennial generation is becoming prominent in the nonprofit sector, making important work happen, and how to engage them as coworkers and potential donors. We will help (re)define “millennial” and help participants understand and engage this demographic, from providing appropriate millennial leadership development in the workplace, to identifying and understanding the advantages young professionals bring to nonprofits, to designing a successful fundraising campaign targeting this generation.

Presented by:  Emily Hill and Elizabeth Byrum
Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines and Autism Society of North Carolina

00:00 Maximize Your Data Base for Maximum Fundraising Success

Your donor database is likely a large investment on the part of your organization, in both time and money. It’s also a critical component of your fundraising efforts. So why let this asset go underutilized?

In this session, we will cover the tenets of effective database usage, no matter what program or vendor you use. We will show examples of best practices in data management, communication segmenting, engagement tracking and reporting in order to help your teamwork smarter, not harder.

Presented by:  Jay Love
CEO Bloomerang

00:00 The Ultimate Marketing Makeover for Busy Fundraisers

Learn how to take your marketing and communications more engaging and donor-centric. Fundraisers often have to write newsletter content (and headlines), appeal letters, donor stories, social media posts, brochure copy, advertisements, etc. Learn some fresh new “best practices” and makeover your marketing and communications. See some great examples of marketing from nonprofits nationwide and see how you can adapt these simple yet effective messaging strategies to your marketing.

Presented by:  Clare Meyerhoff
Editorial Director, Planned Giving Marketing

00:00 How to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Team

Growing a successful strategic development operation requires maximizing the efforts of all who are involved in fundraising for your organization. This session covers what a successful development operation looks like including: how much time should be spent on various activities such as fundraising appeals, grants, major gift development, communications, planned giving and management; the role of the board development committee and volunteers; and the elements of a good event and how to effectively evaluate your events.

Presented by:  Daniel Neel
The Fundraising Resource Group, President

00:00 Cost Allocations and Budgeting for Nonprofits

Understanding of cost drivers and how to identify them – How to use those cost drivers to allocate expenses – Using these concepts to develop accurate and thorough budgets.

Presented by:  Julee Nunley, MBA
Dir of Financial Services, Outfitters4.com

00:00 SCRUM for Fundraisers

The Scrum framework of agile product development is a methodology for high-performance teams to move and adapt quickly on any given product or goal. Scrum is used by companies including Google, Facebook, and IBM to advance projects and achieve results in a tight timeframe. Scrum allows for a high level of teamwork, collaboration, and accountability, while encouraging continual evaluation and iteration of both the team’s performance/outputs and process. This method drives organizational empowerment, encourages self-management and trust between team members, and maximizes value and efficiency. Our team has mastered Scrum as a framework within Nourish.org and adapted it or fundraising professionals. We have been operating with a Scrum framework successfully for three years and increased donations to our organization 40% year over year consistently each year. In the past year we have seen a 60% increase in fundraising dollars due to Scrum.

Presented by:  Kelly Phoenix and Ann Marie Carr
Executive Director and Development Coordinator, Nourish International

00:00 Don’t Drop the Ball During Executive Transition
  • Considerations for executive transition planning, ‘Just in Case’ as well as for planned and unplanned executive departures, including Senior Development Director
  • Options for succession when Executives depart
  • Stabilizing staff and key stakeholder relationships during transitions
  • Preparing the organization for a successful entry and tenure with new executive

Presented by:  Stephanie Stenglein and Kathy Ridge
Chief Development Officer, Community School of the Arts and President, Levridge Resources, LLC;

00:00 Donor Moneyball: The Art and Science of Pipeline Management

The session we will demonstrate how nonprofits are using their own giving data to increase donors’ retention, pace of giving and gift amount progression.  We’ll talk about why engaging the “right” donors is the most critical issue facing annual fund and major/planned giving staffs across the nation. We will also learn how a concierge approach to engagement is both tactical and tactful and explore the new metrics of donor pipeline performance. Participants will be offered basic principles and actionable takeaways of donor pipeline management and prospect research.

Presented by:  Sean Riley
Extended Logic Systems, President

00:00 #DayforGuilford: How any nonprofit can run a successful 24 hour giving campaign

How to plan for, promote, and execute a successful one-day giving challenge regardless of budget size and educate community members about philanthropy in the process.

Presented by:  Lindsey Smith & Ellie Yearns
Senior Director of Annual Giving and Senior Director of Philanthropy GUILFORD COLLEGE

00:00 From Surviving to Thriving in Fundraising
  1. Understand and embrace the concept of self-care before care for others
  2. Identify and apply personal values
  3. Confidently discover how to say no so you can say yes

Presented by:  Betsy Smith, PhD
Founder/CEO, EL Smith Consulting

00:00 Donor Retention Isn’t Speed Dating

The concept behind speed dating is to meet as many people as possible as quickly as possible—and 99% of them you’ll never see again. Actually, that’s not too far off from the statistic that 80% of donors never make a second gift. So what can you do to develop a successful donor retention program, what works and what doesn’t, and how can you improve your retention rate? Learn how to form a lasting relationship with your donors.

Presented by:  Lynne Wester
Founder and Principal, Donor Relations Guru

00:00 Workplace Culture and Morale: Who Ate My Lunch?

The expressed goal of this presentation is to create techniques to increase workplace morale, thereby designing a culture that encourages positive environments and productivity. Attendees will:

  1. Leave with a workplace culture action plan
  2. Identify weaknesses and strengths of the boardroom
  3. Learn how to create special events out of any date

Presented by:  Torrence Williams, MHS
National Director, National Honor Society for Online Education

00:00 Growing a Sustainable Non-Profit: A Case Study of Peacehaven Community Farm

Participants will learn traditional and non-traditional ways to build a strong foundation of volunteerism, financial support and community collaborations across multiple generations, socio-economic spectrums and abilities.

Presented by:  Shannon Williams and Buck Cochran
Armstrong McGuire

00:00 7 Tools Your Nonprofit Can Use To Strengthen and Elevate Brand Awareness

Participants in this workshop will learn how to:

  • Create and leverage the power of your brand persona
  • Create a message map system to align leadership, staff, board members and other stakeholders to help them quickly, clearly and consistently articulate the essence of your brand: what you do, why you do it, and how you do it better
  • Empower your staff, board members and key stakeholders to become your strongest brand ambassadors
  • Consistently apply your brand across all communication channels
  • Leverage the power of the media to lift up your brand
  • Utilize your subject matter experts to strengthen and elevate awareness of your brand
  • Leverage your compelling brand story to increase brand visibility

Presented by:  Tammy Zonker and Trent Thompson
Rebrand, Retool or Perish / Fundraising Transformed

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